Bringing an energy practice into your day can lower your stress, boost your immune system, help you find balance, act and react mindfully, and help make you healthier, happier, and more deeply fulfilled. If you would like to work with me to craft a qigong practice to fit into your life, the services below are a place to start.

All practices can be modified for any challenges you are working with. Prices indicate a sliding scale. I accept cash, checks or Paypal.

Email for an appointment. 

Introduction to Wisdom Healing Qigong 

  • Beginning with a survey to assess your needs, we will begin to craft an energy practice to fit into your day.
  • Explanation, demonstration and teaching of beginning qigong practices that are tailored for your needs.
  • Roadmap of next steps for you and a beginning tool kit including an audio Inner Smile meditation and Chi Field Setting. *$40 – $60.


40 Early Mornings. You know a bit about Wisdom Healing Qigong and are ready to launch into commitment of daily practice.

  • Initial survey and consult
  • Teaching of practices
    • Customized daily practice plan for a 40 day gong (cultivation).  *$60 – $100


40 Early Mornings Gong Support. Coaching and community are essential components for successful commitment to a 40 day gong. This first 40 day gong is the gateway into a lifetime commitment. One time payment of $60 – $100.

  • Weekly (during the 40 days) 10-20 minute personal email, Zoom meetings, or phone calls (your choice)
  • Discount on Deepest Valley Qigong local classes
  • Email support for questions, concerns.
  • Office hours to connect with gong community.

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Betsy McDonald works as a qigong and mindfulness teacher and healing facilitator.
These services complement those provided by a licensed health care provider. 
She is not licensed to practice medicine or psychology nor does she provide diagnostic services. Her services are intended to assist you with your self-healing journey and are not intended as a substitute for licensed medical or psychological treatment.