2019 Wisdom Healing (Zhineng) Qigong Offerings

sound healing

Current Classes:  I offer “pop-up” in person and online classes in Sound Healing, Awaken Vitality, Inner Smile and Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down. If you would like to be notified of these offerings, please subscribe to my email list. To sign up for newsletter and class reminder, click here!

PJ Chi–Online evening Sound Healing (periodically, subscribe to newsletter to be notified). Click this Zoom link to attend.    Five Organ Integrative Sound Healing evokes the natural energy pattern of each organ system. In addition to its specific physiological function and purpose, each organ system has a unique energy structure, vibration and movement. When each organ system is functioning in its own natural pattern, we experience physical health and balanced, positive emotions. Excerpt From: Mingtong Gu. “Sound Healing Technologies.” iBooks. Beginners welcome!

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If this is your first qigong class, if possible please watch before participating: Intro to Wisdom Healing Qigong

For more  information:

Practices may include:

  • Awaken Vitality Form–Five movements to open the spine for physical health and energetic transformation.
  • Inner Smile Meditation–activate the inner medicine of self-love, relaxation and unconditional happiness.
  • Lachi for Healing
  • Sound Healing
  • Wall Squats
  • Standing Meditation
  • Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down–a slow moving meditation to open our bodies to external chi. Invigorate your energy body, allow flow, harmony, and centeredness.

Dress in comfortable clothing. There is a restroom there for changing if need be. If you have a yoga mat or blanket, bring that with you. If you don’t have one, no worries, we have them at the venue to borrow if needed.  Please try to be there on time, but you are welcome to join us anytime you can. If you do come in late, just enter quietly internally and externally.