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cropped-am-silhouettes.jpgTime spent practicing Tai Chi makes your time at work more focused and creative, helps you manage stress, makes your interactions with coworkers more efficient, and gives you the energy to work longer, more productive hours…. The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi.

Qigong is the foundational energy cultivation for practices such as Tai Chi and Martial Arts. Qi or Chi means “energy”, gong means practice or cultivation.

Our minds are constantly on the move externally, outside of us. We are connecting with screens, people, chores, tasks, children, families, to-do lists and the list goes on. We have moved away from balancing internal focus and external focus and this causes stress.

With the practice of qigong, we bring our minds back into our bodies. We re-connect with the wonder of our amazing organ systems, nervous systems, brains, muscles, ligaments, and skeletons. We bring balance back into our beings. We become more grounded when we are serving customers, patients, clients, students as well as in presence of our families because we are returning to wholeness, to balance. A qigong practice can prevent stress-based illnesses as well as heal the challenges we are already experiencing due to stress, imbalance, and energy blockages.

Wisdom Healing Qigong (WHQ) Workshop for Businesses

  • Introduction to WHQ and the healing process
  • Short meditation to come into body awareness and connectionspine energy
  • Practices taught to open the spine and release stress (we are only as young as our spines!)
  • Subtle practices to do while at work in a public setting to deal with stress in the moment.
  • Inner smile meditation, recorded and made available to employees for home practice.
  • 3 A’s of Acceptance, Activation, and Appreciation (shift from resistance to positive ways to deal with physical, emotional, and mental/spiritual challenges).

Cost: Customized workshop and price for your business based on the number of employees and the time allotted for this training.  Email

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