About Me

img_4640Welcome! My name is Betsy McDonald, I am a retired public school teacher and principal and a  Wisdom Healing Qigong Teacher and Healing Facilitator with Master Mingtong Gu @ The Chi Center.  I am a Level 2 certified teacher and in the post-advanced qigong practitioner program. With this joyous work, I am doing a good amount of reading and studying and am often inspired by things I read or notice and want to share them. Thus, this website and blog for those who might be interested. Feel free to post replies, ask questions, and do let me know if you are interested in qigong workshops and classes in the Eastern Sierra and beyond. My latest offering of 40 Early Mornings coaching can be done online via Zoom if you are not in the local area. I am also considering a traveling Qigong teaching practice, so if you live out of the area and want to help coordinate a workshop, feel free to contact me at deepestvalleyqigong@gmail.com

betsychiriverMy healing story continues to evolve. But what brought me to Wisdom Healing Qigong were two things. One, feeling a disconnection, a desperation to learn how to connect more deeply with Father Spirit, Mother Earth, to pray essentially. I wanted a daily practice, but could not seem to gain traction with any practice consistently. Two, the stress of being a school principal was beginning to affect my body. One year I had multiple root canals, another year multiple nosebleeds, one so severe I ended up in the ER in the middle of the night. I did not connect these to stress but now I do. Finally, I was experiencing symptoms that led to an initial diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis after a brain MRI found a lesion in that specific area. Fortunately I was cleared of that diagnosis after two trips to UC San Francisco. Around that time I had found Master Mingtong online (after enjoying his meditations in Winter Feast for the Soul)  and began the beginning courses through The Chi Center. I decided to retire early as the universe seemed to be telling me through my body that it was time to pay attention. At that point, I had completed all the beginning courses and qualified to begin the Professional Teaching Program (PTP) with The Chi Center. Looking back, I see the Haola, the “all is well and getting better” in this journey to becoming a qigong teacher and healer. If I had not retired, I would not have had the time to dedicate to the teacher and healer training program that I’m so immersed in. It’s my passion to share this life changing practice with all who desire to learn, to connect, to heal.

Haola, blessings, and love!SONY DSC




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