How I Move Forward With Love

You know how sometimes (or often) someone can articulate things just the way you wish you could have? My friend Cathy shared this blog post with me from Jonathan Fields. Here’s an excerpt. I echo his thoughts completely

“At least for now, a deeper voice is calling me to serve not by devoting myself to any one issue, but rather by enunciating a larger, well-defined ethos and cultivating a community built around that same set of values and beliefs that serves as a place of safety and support and nourishment for each person in the community to then deepen into whatever specific manifestation of their voice most strongly calls them.

So, I make it clear.

I stand for love.heart

I stand for compassion.

I stand for kindness.

I stand for dignity.

I stand for respect.

I stand for equality.

I stand for community.

Those who stand for that same ethos will find companionship and support not just from and with me, but from and with the community built around this ethos. Holding this container, at least for this moment, is my primary devotion. It’s the place I feel I can be most of service, while also being most able to sustain myself physically and emotionally.”


Labyrinth @ Chi Center, Galisteo New Mexico

So we will gather, share food, sacred fires, healing circles, walk labyrinths, sing, dance, hold each other, be real with each other, sink deeply into our hearts and work towards wholeness and more importantly, towards oneness. We will act when our hearts call us to action. We can no longer relax in complacency assuming someone else will do the work. It’s up to us to do the work, to take action embraced in love, beyond a click on a petition. It’s become more complex than that. But it’s simple really. Do the work of love. Wherever that takes you.