Remember Unity

"Remember Unity until you forget separation." From The Diwan of Shams i Tabriz, by Sufi poet Rumi. (From Desert Wisdom, Neil Douglas Klotz). Wholeness. Unity. Divine Source. Oneness. Pure Consciousness. God. Are we seeking, or are we being? The glory of the universe, of the divine, is in front of us and inside of us… Continue reading Remember Unity


I am still floating on a cloud of gratitude, amazement, and inner smiles. At the temple where Thich Nhat Hanh is staying, his root temple, I ran into Sister Chan Khong. She was surrounded by a few young lay women getting their pictures taken with her. I recognized her instantly as I had just finished… Continue reading Magic


Last night amidst our sightseeing we happened upon a small temple on a busy street that was clearly under renovation, but inside it was full of people (I just noticed women in light blue robes) doing prostrations. I wondered if the practice was earth-touchings from the Beginning Anew practice of the Thich Nhat Hanh communities.… Continue reading Dragonflies

Opening Our Hearts

Few would argue that sound and vibration have a significant affect on our emotions. Media people know this with expert precision. Think of sound tracks and Foley effects in movies and commercials. If you take away scary music and just watch the scene, usually not so scary! And we put on music at home to give… Continue reading Opening Our Hearts