Despacho Ceremony

mesa 2A few years ago I was gently drawn to a wonderful medicine woman in Tucson. Celia Blackwood is a Reiki master, birth and death doula, and a medicine woman in the Q’ero Shaman tradition of Peru. After I completed my Qigong certifications, I began her year long Medicine Wheel Mesa Building in the Four Directions, Tawantinsuyu Mesachakuy. I am now a full mesa carrier in the Q’ero Shaman tradition. My mesa, or medicine bundle, is composed of rocks I’ve collected from places of my heart, and blessed with ceremony so they are now kuyas, or healing stones. The ceremonies and rituals of this tradition are deeply earthy, prayerful, and powerful. Immersion in the Medicine Wheel has informed my qigong practice with even deeper sacredness and beauty.

despacho openOne of the ceremonies that we are encouraged to share with others is the Despacho despacho giftCeremony. This is a ritual offering of intention and gratitude to Mother Earth/Pachamama. Despacho means “dispatch”; we intentionally dispatch or send our prayers with mindfulness and gifts for Pachamama. A Despacho ceremony is medicine.  When going to see a Q’ero Shaman, no matter what the condition or desire- to heal from losing a loved one, to welcome a new soul to the earth, to honor a birthday, to heal from a break up, to call in love, to start a business, to experience physical healing, whatever the cause for the visit, the first thing often done is a despacho! (from

If you would like me to co-create a Despacho Ceremony with you for your offerings of gratitude and intentions, please feel free to email me @ I offer this free of charge, dana/gifts of trade or $ accepted but not necessary.  Munay! (love!)