While doing the podcasts for my final Wisdom Healing Qigong certification, I realized that I love talking with people, asking questions about their journeys, opening up a path of deep communication: talk, words, expressions beyond the everyday surface talk that is ubiquitous in our lives.

I am now offering to have one of these conversations with you. What we do with the conversation is up to you. We can record it for your own archives. I can edit it and create something for you, and/or for my podcast. You can use the recording to seed your writing, advance your visions and work, or share it with posterity.

What seems to work is this: we meet once in-person or by Zoom online and talk about some of your ideas, where you want to go with our conversation. We don’t record this session but I take notes. Then, the next meeting, we just jump in. I’ll start with opening sacred space/organizing the chi field. I’ll likely have a word or idea to start us on a path, but then we allow the energy field of healing conversations to guide us through the process. I’ll record on a private audio recorder, not online. Then you decide what you’d like to do with the recording.

I’m offering this for free because it’s such a juicy process for me as well. If you’d like to donate, I would be open to that, but we’ll talk about it later. For now, let’s have a sacred conversation. Contact me, subject: conversation.

Love, Betsy