How To AAA (Accept, Activate, Appreciate)

Step One: Notice! Anyone who has listened to or read Pema Chodron (or multiple other teachers) knows this step. Catch yourself, notice when you are “getting hooked” (shenpa!). Accept the feeling, don’t resist. “Remain like a log”, as Pema would say, to put a gap before responding in a habitual way. Accept the moment.

Step Two: Notice the energy in the reaction. Drop the story line, smile in your brain and send it good thoughts so it won’t take over the moment. Feel the energy and let it flow, don’t let it get stuck. Send it in to the earth (see blog post on Mother Earth as Composter). Chant, visualize the energy flow, smile, breathe, do some sound healing, whatever it takes to work with the energy.To activate means to consciously open to and cultivate what we desire in life. Activate a new response.

Step Three: ANY change of habit, even the smallest of victories (ie, hey I at least noticed my energy OR after the blow up I realized I could have handled that another way) is cause for gratitude. Appreciate that each time we accept and activate we are moving towards a whole new energetic way of being.

Nehalem Bay State Park, Oregon

I’ve heard the above over and over listening to Pema’s audios and have read about it numerous times in books, magazines, etc. Repetition is the key to remembering to be sure, and that practice has helped me to a certain degree. But qigong has given me the connection and the foundation to truly make this acceptance and activation happen. I believe it’s because the WHQ moving meditations and sound healing practices connect me so intimately with my body, heart and mind that I have this new, close relationship with them. With my mind more connected to my heart, lungs, gut and my kidney’s adrenal glands, I can more quickly pick up those subtle changes in energy flow and so NOTICE a lot more quickly, which puts me on the road to acceptance, activation and appreciation. The 3 “A’s”. Guess I’ve accepted this teaching! 🙂


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