The Journey

Kiva Practice Room @ Chi Center

As I prepare to begin my pilgrimage to the Santa Fe Chi Center, approaching my week-long retreat for certification as a Qigong teacher, I reflect on all the other journeys of this life, those we prepare for and those we are thrust into, those we choose and those that choose us.


Right now, I feel the sinking in, the internal preparation beginning. Externally, challenges are arising, connections are being activated, it’s quite interesting. This is a journey of my choice, but in a way, my other life choices led me to this one. Long story. But isn’t it true that if we think back in time, we can often see how we got to where we are, at this moment. This current trip is a pleasant and heartfelt journey, but the journeys that led to this have been all over the spectrum of joy and pain, sorrow and happiness, awe and disruption. Random, or so it seems.

Sometimes we journey in pain, sometimes in helplessness and hopelessness, and sometimes in joy and hope. Our journeys connect–not just within ourselves but with each other.  So I carry each of you in my heart on this journey of the heart, of the soul, of the spirit. I am filled with joyful anticipation for my return to share my experiences and these practices with you. I love teaching, and I love expanding our community of practice. Thank you for being part of my journey!

Haola (all is well and getting better). Namaste. Cheers!     Betsy

Sunset @ Chi Center from Labyrinth (can hardly wait to get there!)

The Chi Center, Grand Opening, Santa Fe (Galisteo), New Mexico

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  1. sues says:

    This email was timed perfectly for me as I reflect on my lifes journey and more recently this past year. My divorce was final on Sunday and many different emotions are flooding through me. You are doing amazing work and I am thankful our paths crossed. Hugs and light during your week. Love Sue

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