We Are Stardust

From concept to understanding…neil-degrasse-tyson-stars

I love Neil deGrasse Tyson. I have heard at various times in my life that we are made of stardust, but when Neil deGrasse Tyson explains it, I think, yeah, that makes sense. Conceptually, I get it. But it wasn’t until my Wisdom Healing Qigong retreat in October 2016 that I really got it–I embodied stardust and felt this to the depths of my mind, heart, soul, body and spirit. And that’s from Mingtong and his energetic transmission and teaching. Mingtong is the Neil deGrasse Tyson of energy work! During the retreat and often even now back in the “real world,” I feel the connection with the stars, with the universe, with divine energy–and I’m not afraid of impermanence, not afraid of death, not afraid…not always, but I know the possibility is there that I can live a fearless, soulful life every moment. Sometimes I don’t feel that embodiment, but I have faith, trust, belief that as I continue my practices and connect more consistently with the Chi Field and Source Energy, God, that I will come to an understanding deep within my being of who I am and my place in the evolution of hearts and souls on this planet Earth. I’m getting glimpses now after a few years of Qigong practice, and those glimpses are coming more and more often. Sometimes I can even use the word embodied and understand what that means. Yay!


So look out at our wonderful Milky Way, take a few moments to gather the stars into your minds and hearts. Connect with the absolute wonder of the universe each and every day. Imagine the light and energy in your hearts, souls and spirits. See the starstardusts as your brothers and sisters (Brother Sun, Sister Moon, as St. Francis would say). Wonderful human beings, you are Stardust. You have come to this earth to bring light and hope to the evolution of humanity. Stand up. Shine. Vote. Take action for love, justice, and peace. And then, to Stardust you shall return, knowing the seeds you’ve planted on this earth will someday, and even right now this very moment, bear the fruit of truth, love, justice and peace. Haola. Aho. Aloha. Amen.

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