Get The Picture?

Owens Valley Petroglyph

Human beings have the skill, the ability, the instinct to visualize, to imagine, to create. This ability is used in many aspects of modern life.  For example, athletes contemplate their perfect performance, “programming” their bodies to respond not only to external practice but to internal visioning. Job seekers imagine answers to interview questions and practice them while visualizing a calm, confident demeanor.

There is creative and transformative power in visualization and imagining. Our minds, bodies, souls and spirits respond to this practice. Visualizing spaciousness, an ocean of light, our energy bodies, connection and flow is one of the central practices of Wisdom Healing Qigong. Qigong is an ancient, alchemical  practice; what other ancient practices embody visualization?

Rock art fascinates me, and there is so much near my home. What if rock art was an ancient form of visualizing the energy flow you wanted to see coming your way? As I create this artwork, I’m thinking of sheep, cultivating the energy to bring them nearby. Send some big horn sheep this way!  I do wonder. Visualization is a powerful practice in energy medicine, and likely has been a powerful practice for humans all over the world back to ancient times. rockart

Prayer is the same, a focused envisioning and calling for healing energy. We have an intention, we connect to the Source Energy, to The One Above, to Father Spirit, Master of Breath, Creator, to Jesus, to God. We often use images and objects when we pray–statues, holy cards, prayerbooks, paintings, sage, feathers, candles, and rosary beads. Images, like etchings on rock, hold our focus and make our intentions imaginable.

In qigong, we hold the image of health and healing in our mind’s eye, the rock art of the mind and heart. When we practice the cultivation of energy in Wisdom Healing Qigong, we envision the golden chi ball, the ocean of chi, the rivers of light in our bodies. We use that energy flow to dissipate blockages to bring about physical, emotional and spiritual health for ourselves, for others, for the world. As we practice, we embrace intention and imagine health, energy and connection with the universe. We chisel into our minds the intention and envision the healing outcome. We get the picture! 🙂

Newgrange, Ireland





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