Jesus as Qigong Master

In the Beginning NDK Podcast….During an extended standing meditation at a Chi Center retreat with Master Mingtong, the Our Father/Lord’s Prayer started chanting within me. I grew up Catholic, so all thosesermon prayers and even some in Latin are part of my cellular nature–though somewhat dormant at the moment, so it was kind of surprising. The prayer was interesting and lovely except when I got to what seemed like harsh words, like trespassing and evil. Those words didn’t seem right to me, did not seem to have the same energy as the rest of the prayer, the intention of the prayer. I talked about this with my wonderful roommate at retreat, my chi buddy, Carolyn, and she asked if I knew the work of Neil Douglas-Klotz (NDK). I had not then, but I am immersed in his work now! Neil took on the task some years ago of learning the Aramaic language (as well as Hebrew and others)–the language that Jesus (Yeshua in Aramaic) spoke in, taught in, dreamed in–so that he could directly translate those words for us today. The direct translation of the words of Yeshua is a beautiful, energetic, cosmic teaching from a beloved and enlightened being, role model, teacher, prophet, mystic, savior, friend. In the podcast below, Neil finishes our conversation by sharing The Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic. Such a gift!

ndk picI was honored to interview Dr. Neil Douglas-Klotz for my In The Beginning podcast . I gave my podcast this title after reading some of Dr. Klotz’s work about our place in the caravan of time. We think of our lives as just existing in the present, but we are connected in time–not only to our ancestors and the ones who will come after us, and to the beginning of time, not just in this linear movement of time, but in a cyclic time frame as well. We are connected by Source, by light, by sound, by vibration. We come from the same Mother/Father, Birther of the Cosmos.

For more information on NDK, check out his website The Abwoon Network. Abwoon is the first word of The Lord’s Prayer–translated directly from the Aramaic as Mother/Father, Birther of the Cosmos.

Click here for the interview.

From The Abwoon Network website: Neil is best known for his work on the Aramaic Prayer of Jesus (“The Lord’s Prayer”), shared both in his books as well through the body prayers with music that have spread around the world in the past 32 years (a form called the Dances of Universal Peace). The Abwoon Network website shares the work of Dr. Neil Douglas-Klotz and his colleagues and students on Native Middle Eastern spirituality, peacemaking and ecology, including work on the Aramaic words of Jesus, Hebrew and Native Middle Eastern creation mysticism and Sufism. The website is a collaboration between the Edinburgh Institute for Advanced Learning in Scotland, UK and the Abwoon Resource Center in Columbus, OH, USA (see “About Us“).


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