Last night amidst our sightseeing we happened upon a small temple on a busy street that was clearly under renovation, but inside it was full of people (I just noticed women in light blue robes) doing prostrations. I wondered if the practice was earth-touchings from the Beginning Anew practice of the Thich Nhat Hanh communities. I learned of this and so much more from Sister Chan Khong’s book Learning True Love. I don’t know if I felt the book was so good because I’m immersed in Vietnam, but I gobbled it up like the luscious fresh fruit we get so much of here, so thirst quenching! She was a huge part of Thich Nhat Hahn’s evolution of engaged Buddhism. Very impressive woman!

Here is a link to beautiful readings done before prostrations to honor Mother Earth. The teaching is to choose one to read and then practice. My intention is to use these readings before Qigong practice, and/or as morning and evening prayers. The intention is to honor the Earth with love and being in the moment, in communion, with Her.

So, dragonflies. As we toured the Citadel in Hue the last few days, there have been waves of dragonflies overhead. And today, the cicadas were amazingly loud, almost like those crazy smoke alarms. Nature! Happy Equinox and full moon!

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