Rivers of Light

owens river
Owens River

This was a Celia story (my Tucson teacher)–we were talking about how the concept of qi(chi) is universal from an energy perspective. Celia’s teachers are of the ancient Incan religion, Q’ero shaman. The story goes that some people were working and studying with the Q’ero shaman and were intrigued with their references to “rivers of light” within the body. The Shaman were asked where these rivers resided in our bodies. Communication and tools were a bit dodgy, so someone produced some lipstick and asked them to draw on the body where those rivers existed. They drew the exact lines of the meridians that are used in Chinese medicine. Wisdom of the ancients!

meridiansI love the term “rivers of light”. These rivers of light are our qi, our places of energy movement. And when those rivers get clogged or dammed or stagnant or otherwise impeded, things start to go wrong. Stagnation affects not only that particular river, but the whole tapestry of life that depends on that river.

Qigong practices, or any life giving, energy moving, stress reducing practices you do, can help to keep those rivers of light free and clear. Commit to keeping those rivers healthy and flowing each and every day.

river of light1
Bear Creek, Western Sierra, Sierra Vista Scenic Byway

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