Mother Earth as Composter

compost“Composting” is a practical method for the Buddhist concept of non-attachment! Give the earth your stresses, your sadness, your ooky stuff. She is the great composter, she wants those energies that will do you harm. She will take them and transform them into fresh, clean energies. Ancient people knew how to do this. We modern day humans seem to only know how to hold things in–we are holding in stale, non-healthy energies and it is doing our bodies and souls harm. And it’s doing the earth harm as well by not getting that energy nourishment from us! It’s one of those ways we have gotten out of balance with the earth.  I just recently learned this from Celia (see links) and it has been a really good practice for me. I can be a pretty sensitive person and I may experience discomfort in an encounter, or not feel I said the right words, or was misunderstood or took comments personally. All that, all those sticky, uncomfortable gut feelings can just be lovingly handed over to the earth. Yay! This letting go even helps me get to sleep if my brain or my body is resisting. I visualize sending out those repetitive thoughts and feelings right into the earth.

Re sleep, with new information from a blog post by Harvard Health on Janusleepary 28, 2016, getting to sleep without medication is even more critical now that we know some possible ill effects of sleep inducers. The study discussed by the blog implicated anticholinergic drugs (Tylenol etc PM, Unisom, Benadryl, etc.) in possible mental decline in older patients. So, certainly the more natural ways we can get to sleep the better!

So, what you do is when you notice you are stressing about something is you consciously, joyously and generously push it out down into the earth. Beyond everyday stresses, Mother Earth will hold your sadness, your grief, your

rock creek light
Little Lakes Valley, Eastern Sierra

worry, your pain. I think I have known this in some hidden crevice of my mind/heart as I used to go out into the desert and lie down when I didn’t know what else to do with the pain and heart stress of living–I’d let her hold me and my worries and I would feel relief–those emotions just melted away. Little did I know I was composting, and giving as I was taking.

As always, when we give her those energies, we thank her for transforming them for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you Pachamama, Mother Earth!

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