Metta Prayer

May I be well, loving and peaceful.
May I be at ease in my body,
feeling the ground solidly beneath my feet
and the sky above my head.

May I be a conduit for earth, sky and universal energy
as a bead on a string between heaven and earth.
As I open my heart to that energy,
may I receive others with sympathy and understanding.
May I move toward others freely and with openness,
and toward the suffering of others
with peaceful and attentive confidence.

May I continually cultivate the ground of peace
for myself and others through my practice,
mindful and dedicated to this work and this path.
May I know that my peace and the world’s peace are not separate.
May all beings, everywhere on this planet, be well, happy and peaceful.

beach sunset
Stinson Beach
I adapted this from the Metta Prayer by Maylie Scott, which was adapted from the Metta Sutta. I hope they don’t mind 🙂 

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