Intro to Healing with Sound

sound healingThe physical effect of sound has a great influence upon the human body. The whole mechanism, the muscles, the blood circulation, the nerves are all moved by the power of vibration. As there is resonance for every sound, so the human body is a living resonator for sound.
Hazrat Inayat Khan, Sufi Master

One of the three main practices of Wisdom Healing Qigong (WHQ) is a sound healing practice. When WHQ was developed by Dr. Pang  (known as Zhineng Qigong in China), Sound Healing was an advanced practice (Level 3). Master Mingtong Gu’s experience has shown him that many of us in the West are in immediate need of this deep emotional healing, and so he is offering sound healing to beginners (Level 1).

WHQ cultivates the mind’s capacity to direct chi (energy) toward an uplifting of the whole human energy system–one mind/body/heart/spirit. As we practice and consciously choose to transform, we shift from automatic responses to life’s challenges to wisdom responses.  These work together in a holistic pattern–as we learn to make healthier responses, we further integrate our mind, body, heart and spirit. As we integrate, we build our capacity to change our responses. This gets into the whole 3 A teaching (accept, appreciate, activate) that is at the heart of qigong practice. But I can tell you from personal experience, transformation from automatic responses to autonomous wisdom takes time and practice! I’ve had a qigong practice for four years, and a similar Pema Chodron practice for many years prior to that, and it’s still hard. You have to make a conscious choice to be on this path, and Sound Healing is a practice that can help you hold true to this commitment.

For example, the other day I was in a “bad” mood. Okay, part of our journey is to not label things as “bad” or “good,” but simply to see them as part of our journey. We choose how to respond.  Anyway, I was in a bad mood. I considered the 3 A’s, but it’s so hard to accept when I feel that way. I wanted to resist the “bad” feeling, to somehow get into a better mood. So I quasi-accepted and then tried to figure out a chi-ful response. I tried Haola chanting to myself. When you are with another person and on vacation, it’s hard to just go into isolation and practice. At least, that was my excuse, and I stuck to it! I gave up pretty quickly on the internal chanting and chose instead to eat a bunch of chips and drank some red wine. Not a very chi-ful response! But guess what? I didn’t totally fail the lesson. Later, I took a look at my response and said, “Hmm, I think I need to get back to Sound Healing.” So I made a commitment to a Sound Healing gong: daily practice for 100 days. I’m now well into my second week! The air will be starting to cool in September when I finish, and it will be a solid habit in my day.

Sound Healing is my anchor, my grounding practice, that bridle when my emotional well-being is a runaway horse. I think the next time I am challenged by a “teaching mood,” I can say to my beloved, “Dear, my body/mind/heart/spirit needs some Sound Healing. I’ll be back with you in 30 minutes.”

So what is it about Sound Healing that is so powerful? As a part of cultivating our minds to direct our energy, we need to be on the path toward emotional grounding. The Taoist, traditional Chinese Medicine, and Qigong teachings all say that our organs are not just physical entities, but also organs of energy. As energy systems, each absorbs and transforms our emotions. Energy can get stuck in these systems. For example, we often live in chronic stress. Stress that is not dissipated or transformed gets buried until there is a conscious unblocking or transformation of this energy. Sound Healing for the Five Organ Systems is a practice that uses sound and vibration from our own voices to allow chi/energy to flow freely throughout our body/mind/heart/spirit. We can let go of stress– or whatever emotion has been affecting our internal alchemy. Powerful!

In our Sound Healing classes over the next 3 weeks, we will be learning the simple practice of healing with the sound of Haola. In addition, we will chant the Essence Mantra and learn the three sacred sounds for each of the five organ systems. These sounds access the deep energy within and help us create new, healthy and stable emotional patterns. We’ll start with sounds for the heart–such a beautiful place to start! We’ll send love, hugs, light, smiles, and gratitude to our hearts through our own voices and the ancient sounds from Taoist texts. We will learn which organ systems relate to specific emotions. If you choose this path of transformation, you will take with you a daily practice that will allow you to choose a chi-ful response when life sends you lessons. If you eat chips and drink wine instead, you can make a different choice next time! We learn. We practice. And we keep learning.

Wisdom Healing Qigong Sound Healing
Wednesdays June 13, 20, 27
9:00 – 10:00 AM
Imagination Lab, Bishop, CA
621 West Line Street Suite 204
Donations accepted

If you cannot make these classes or desire more in-depth Qigong Sound Healing, check out The Chi Center online classes and store (for an e-book and audio downloads).

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