Opening Our Hearts

Few would argue that sound and vibration have a significant affect on our emotions. Media people know this with expert precision. Think of sound tracks and Foley effects in movies and commercials. If you take away scary music and just watch the scene, usually5 organs not so scary! And we put on music at home to give us energy, to quiet us down, to feel groovy and centered, etc. So it makes perfect sense that sound and vibration can impact our emotions. Wisdom Healing Qigong (WHQ) Sound Healing uses the sound and vibration from our own voices to focus directly into our organs to heal on many levels, among them the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers of our organ energy systems.

This WHQ Sound Healing practice comes from ancient Taoist texts. We don’t

heart yeti

know how Taoist monks came up with these specific sounds for the 5 organ systems, but we do know they didn’t have TV, movies and the Internet. 🙂 They had time to practice and study and experience their bodies, hearts and souls, consciousness and sometimes enlightenment. As we strive in our busy lives to keep stress at bay, make a living, parent our kids, keep relationships healthy, etc., most of us don’t have the same laser focus on consciousness that Taoist monks did.  But we can use the gift of these teachings from the ancient ones to heal ourselves, others and the world.

In our first Sound Healing class (6/13/18), we focused on the Heart. As we make the sounds, we visualize the heart as a red rose, or any kind of flower, opening, allowing energy to flow deeper, clearing blockages. We visualize the energy pattern of the heart as expansion and gathering. Easy to imagine, as the heart is rosecontinuously pumping, contracting and expanding. The emotional qualities of the heart are things we know–love, happiness, joy, connection, fulfillment, wisdom, sincerity, openness, peace. The secret to happiness is not to try to do things to get happy, but to allow energy blockages in the heart to release and transform. Blockages in the heart can manifest as anxiety, depression, cruelty (sometimes especially to self), hatred, and greed. How do we heal? We open and allow transformation through sound healing, inner smile, and other qigong and healing practices. It’s not easy to just “let go” of blockages. It takes commitment and time.

Healing and transformation are most effective with a daily practice. If time is limited and you only have time for the heart sounds in a day, do briefly acknowledge all the organ systems after you sing with the heart because they all work together–a simple internal smile and gratitude to our beautiful, hard working systems is all it takes in a pinch.

This coming week (June 20th), we’ll study the Kidney and Digestive Energy systems and then practice the sounds for all 3 organ systems we will have learned so far.

True cardiovascular health is not just about physical fitness, it’s about deep contentment with one’s life and destiny.  Happiness and love are often associated with the Heart representing a state of peacefulness. Stress or lack of self-expression can directly impact this organ’s function. TCM World website

heart anatomy

To study WHQ Sound Healing, contact the Chi Center for online courses or purchase the Sound Healing booklet and DVD/download from the Chi Center store. Or come to my classes in Bishop, CA. Both would be extra great! Click on the Classes tab of this website to see when offered.

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    Love sound healing. Wish I could be there!

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