Sound Healing–Raising Our Voices

Human beings raised voices and vibrations of hearts and minds–the government took notice to begin to heal its egregious wrongs to children and families at the border. The Executive Order is not the solution,  so we keep our voices speaking up for justice and compassion. Voices, sounds, vibrations are powerful. They are much needed to heal bodies, minds, spirits, nations and worlds.

As we are learning in our Wisdom Healing Qigong Sound Healing class, ancient sounds and vibrations can heal from the inside out. As we heal ourselves, we heal the world. Wenamaste heal the world because we come to realize and to experience the true oneness of all beings. When we know we are connected, we treat each other with dignity, respect, and love. We bow to the divine in each other (Namaste).

Below is a summary of the two organ systems we introduced last week (from Sound Healing Technologies by Mingtong Gu, The Chi Center):

Kidney System: includes kidneys, bladder, adrenal glands, reproductive organs, bone marrow, cells, ears, teeth, bones and stem cells. When chi is flowing, we are cautious (but not fearful), alert, mindful, gentle, determined and kind. Blockages appear as fear, shock, fright, hatred and ignorance. The energetic pattern is visualized as going from stuck or frozen, like ice, to beautiful, flowing water. We act instead of react, creativity abounds. These sounds are are effective for healing hormonal, reproductive and skeletal issues.

Digestive System (Pancreas): includes stomach, pancreas, intestine, colon, mouth, skin, flesh. When chi is flowing, we are thoughtful, open, centered and grounded. We embody equanimity. Worry, pride, and arrogance are results of blockages of this system. We may have difficulty digesting food, energy, and/or information. These may either be symptoms of or the cause of blockages. The energy pattern of this system is spiral movement, in and out. When making the third sound, feel as though you are singing a song.

This Wednesday we’ll discuss the Liver/Purification System and Lungs/Respiratory System, and engage in the full Sound Healing practice. As mentioned in class, it’s best to practice the whole 5 Organ Sounds together, as they all work together as a system. If you only have time to do a few, at least acknowledge in gratitude and light each of the other systems. Or, if you want to spend more time focusing on one system, that’s great, and also do the sounds for the others. The order is important, the handout in class has information about that. Haola!

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