Opening Our Hearts

Few would argue that sound and vibration have a significant affect on our emotions. Media people know this with expert precision. Think of sound tracks and Foley effects in movies and commercials. If you take away scary music and just watch the scene, usually not so scary! And we put on music at home to give… Continue reading Opening Our Hearts


I just found this poem I wrote a few years ago, July 29, 2013 to be exact (hurrah, I dated my journal entry!) We were on the Tuolumne River, upstream from the Lodge, one of my favorite rivers in the world. I have often pondered this about water, and I know I need to spend… Continue reading Water


In Wisdom Healing Qigong, we are encouraged to point our tailbones to the earth to connect with the source energy from our Mother, this planet. And, in hip rotations, we visualize light radiating from the tailbone. I began to notice when I did this I started feeling energy in my brain. Hey, the tailbone must… Continue reading Tailbone

No Shortcuts

You just have to love paradoxes, which seem to be prevalent in trying to understand the chi field, God, the universe, energy, love. There are no shortcuts in qigong. And here are four of them. Inner Smile Haola Chant Wall Squats Any qigong practice you will do consistently because you love it. These are shortcuts… Continue reading No Shortcuts

Get The Picture?

Human beings have the skill, the ability, the instinct to visualize, to imagine, to create. This ability is used in many aspects of modern life.  For example, athletes contemplate their perfect performance, "programming" their bodies to respond not only to external practice but to internal visioning. Job seekers imagine answers to interview questions and practice them while… Continue reading Get The Picture?


Breathing is the rhythm of life. With our breath, we exchange energy with the universe. We open and receive, exhale and give. Our breath is the energetic exchange with the breath of the universe. This energetic exchange is the the foundation of life and the foundation of our qigong practice.  In order to optimize this… Continue reading Breath